Just a second!


The much awaited Playground update is finally here! Apologies to all who checked this space and all you could see was the previous post. The Playmasters have been very busy organising the next Playground.

The Gallery at the Old Fire Station was kind enough to trust us with their big and colourful Shop space for our launch event titled The first time I saw you and I think we managed to not break any of the beautifully crafted artwork that they sell.

To you guys who joined us on the 14th June, a big thank you. We had such an amazing time and it was brilliant to see so many friendly faces and get to know many new ones.We had a great time hanging out with you afterwards at the MING*LING bar, too.

To all of you who didn’t make it, we forgive you. And not just that – we actually have a little picture from last time for you to look at and wish you were there:In the picture you can see Stav trying to explain what Playground is and what’s going to happen while Paola, wearing a dragon mask, holds a big sketch pad, waiting for the right moment to reveal the names of the categories, or how we like to call them “Rounds”. And of course, there’s Tim standing up and making sure all of you guys are happy.

If you’re curious about what’s the deal with the Rounds, and what was written inside the pages of this fancy sketch pad go to the Come and Play page. That’s where you can also find all the information you need to sign-up for a slot for the 12th July. Have a read through and send any of us an email. It doesn’t matter who you send it to, it’s up to you to decide who’s nicer. Actually, in order to help you decide, we’ve made some little drawings of ourselves for your eyes only. You can find the drawings, contact details and everything else you need to know about us, when you click on Who we are.

Pretty straight forward, really.

Even if you don’t want to present anything at the next Playground, you can drop us an email anyway. We’re really nice most of the times and we’ll try to respond and say hi.

I’ll post more info and our new flyer in a few days.

See you in about 285 hours!



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