Playground makes new friends.

We’ve been very excited here at the Playground HQ with all the response we had from you guys. There are so many of you out there who want to share ideas and play with other artists and that’s what gets us going.

The next edition of Playground titled Just a second will be with you on the 12th July. And here is our brand new flyer!

Just a second combines such an extraordinary and eclectic explosion of artists and ideas. We couldn’t have made it up even if we tried really hard.

So, just to give you a little taster/teaser.

We got “things I sort of know” on data landscape and the state of nature, we’ll get our hands on a real spindle and hear about sonic spindling in “share my toys”, we’ll try to decipher the language of dreams, and as an “uncooked” we’ll explore Polish cinematography through the prism of vodka drinking in films. “Instant Noodles” will also feature as a quick bonus round with surprise announcements and requests!

There has also been a new addition to the Playground team, and , no, I don’t mean a baby. I’m talking about a secret helper – more like a guardian angel – who helps us out when things get too busy. You can see him above having climbed on the barrel after making sure our logo is in place. He’s the Playground Pirate and we’ve spent long nights drinking with him and fun days taking pictures and making flyers together.

We need to make a drawing of him soon and add it on the who we are page… He will like that.

See you all on the 12th. We’ll be at the Gallery at the Old Fire Station at 7pm with fun things and activities till roughly 8.30pm and time for mingling and a drink afterwards.



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