What happened last time, then?


Big high fives to all you brave souls who came to Playground last Thursday!

It didn’t stop raining for a single second that day (or night). On our way to the Old Fire Station, we had to cover our projector in bin bags -classy, I know- so it wouldn’t end up being just a big useless plastic box of soaked electronics, by the time it reached the Gallery. We don’t have a picture of it, but trust me, it just looked like a projector in a bin bag.

No, sorry, we weren’t at the Gallery, of course, we were at the Shop! The Shop at the Old Fire Station is an ever changing colourful space full of beautifully handcrafted items by local designers and artists. Its non-conventional shape allows for a myriad of different uses and configurations and we thought that, in accordance to the Playground ethos, we should position the sitting area and the tables differently this time. We might even try to present a completely new configuration each time. Well, until of course we run out of possible configurations (which according to the famous “infinite chairs configuration theory” can never happen).

The first round of the evening -as you can see above- featured Cath, who through her Things I Sort of Know took us into an incredible journey through her thoughts and ideas on they way our understanding of what is “landscape” has evolved through time, and how our perception of it is influenced by a series of technological and scientific advancements like cartography, meteorology and of course the hadron collider.

After Cath finished we had the Instant Noodle bonus round. A woman raised a very enthusiastic hand, she was given (or rather ‘thrown’) a pack of instant noodles, and came on the front. With a big smile Paulette introduced herself and told us a bit about a project she’s working on and invited everyone to take part, by writing their email address on a piece of paper and putting it in a plastic yellow plant pot for her.

Next on was another Things I sort of Know where Donya showed us her ‘dreams’, as she calls them. We looked at a series of images -some new, some found- and we were shown how seemingly unrelated points of reference were mysteriously revealed to be geographically interconnected through unexplained coincidences. In the end, Donya played back her latest work, a video piece, which was the culmination of the aforementioned process.

After a short break, we entered the world of wool! For Share my Toys, Felix brought a few different types of wool, a mixing desk and a spindle that she acquired in her recent travels. We were given two strands of wool each to hold and twist while she explained their origins and textures and how she had become interested in wool spindling. Felix then attached two contact mics on the wooden base of the spindle and let us experience the joys of ‘sonic’ spindling while saying that her plan is to use these materials to create a sound performance in the near future.

The last round was an Uncooked by Dariusz who presented a history of Polish cinematography through the prism of vodka drinking. By that I mean that he dissected Polish films from the last 50-60 years or so and filtered them down to the most important -aesthetically and dramatically- shots of people drinking vodka. Dariusz also contextualised each film with historical facts and plenty of humour and directed us to information about the cast and directors of the featured movies before individually inviting people to go and have a shot of vodka with him.

And then we had drinks and mingled!

We had a great time and learned so many new things that evening and we want to give a big group hug to Cath, Paulette, Donya, Felix and Dariusz for coming to play.

We think this post has already been quite long. We’ll leave you now so you can enjoy the rest of your day.





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