Third Time’s a Charm

You guys! Have you noticed the weather lately?!

Just a quick post to tell you how the festive summer spirit has really put the Playmasters in a playful mood, like never before. We’ve been preparing an amazingly energetic summery edition for you. The next Playground is on the 9th August and it will be full of games and performances and magical musical instruments. We have also -very excitingly and mischievously- made some unexpected changes to your overall Playground experience.


Some of them are a surprise but I’m told that I am allowed to disclose a few of them. The Playground Pirate seems to not be able to help himself sneaking in every time we try to organise something and so, we decided to bring him along next time for you to meet him. He will be hanging out next to the MING*LING bar throughout the evening.

Also we thought that we don’t want to tell anyone where and how to be seated. We just want you to be able to sit (or stand) however and wherever you want. This means that next time, if you want to sit you can just grab a chair and place it on the position and location of your choice. If you want to stand, just don’t grab a chair. Easy and full of infinite possibilities (as I thoroughly and scientifically explained in a previous post).

There will also be little presents and goodies for some lucky ones to take home.

That’s all I’m allowed to say for the time being or else the rest of the Playmasters will not let me have any ice-cream tonight. And you really wouldn’t want me to not have any ice-cream, would you.

I’ll be back with more news soon.

Our flier is in the making and you should expect it at some point in the beginning of next week.


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