Sheep, and smells, and clockworks! Oh my!

So, you do notice when we don’t post! That’s very sweet of you. None of us had ever kept a blog before, and it takes us a while to get into the rhythm of writing weekly posts. We will get better. We’re quick learners.

But I know that you didn’t come here to read about how self-conscious we are about our (not so) regular online appearances. You’re here because you want to find out what’s happening on Thursday! I hear you. Worry not, my friends. We have it all covered.

As I wrote last week, a few changes have taken place in the overall shape and format of our Thursday gatherings. If Playground was a government initiative, I would be writing that all these changes “will improve your Playground experience” and I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing if that phrase came out of my keyboard… In two days’ time you will have the pleasure of being the first people in this country to witness a brand new ‘uncooked’ performance that Philippa has been working on since she unexpectedly found herself performing it in Italy last month. It involves a big and beautifuly crafted sheep head. No reason to worry, my vegeterian friends, no sheep were harmed.

Emma will ‘share her toys’ through a journey of how she developed and conducted a really intriguing ‘experiment’, she will share her results with us and give us the chance to add to them by participating in the process. It will completely change your olfactory understanding of the world in a way you can’t expect.

We have one more ‘uncooked’ round (it seems to be getting quite popular), where Martin will mesmerise you with the beautiful sounds that come out of his latest handmade instrument. It’s unusual, it’s atmospheric and it’s built out of the inside parts of clocks.

But, to start the evening, we have devised a trick to allow everyone to meet new people and play. Did someone say ‘Consequences’?

It’s not too long now. Bit more than 2 days left. According to the BBC weather forecast we will be blessed with sun and clear skies on Thursday, so no need to bring an umbrella. Or maybe do. Just in case…

See you the day after tomorrow at 7pm.

Be good.


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