Back and Fourth

I know you missed me. I missed you, too. I’ve been on holidays the last couple of weeks and mostly in places where the sun of the internet never shines. After getting over the first withdrawal symptoms I managed to relax into it and pretend that I enjoy being offline for a short period. But the truth is that I deeply and passionately missed the internet and specifically the part of the week when I write-up a new post for you to read.

The rest of the Playmasters have been very busy making sure everything is running smoothly and here’s Russell taking the lead on the blogging front this week with news and information about September’s session! I’ll leave you with him, you’re in safe hands.




Oh my – how the time is charging by, and already we’re only one week away from another Playground!
We’re busily scurrying about, making sure that everything is just so for our fourth, entitled ‘Back and Fourth’ (see what we did?), and whilst we dot the t’s and cross the i’s, here’s a little taster to whet your appetite:
Dot is going to offer us an uncooked visual feast involving a projector, camera and some controlled feedback…
Paulette breaks boundaries with an uncooked / thing she sort of knows, described as ‘a work-in-progress-come-invitation-into-working-process of a new performance piece’, sharing bits of an installation including original music created in response to her blog…
And Ninos will bring a treat for the ears and the hands, showing us how we can use gestures as a compositional tool – whether you are a composer or just someone who wishes to play with sounds!
Of course, our old friend the Playground Pirate will be watching over the bar once more, ready to challenge you to a game of chance!  And speaking of games, Consequences was so much fun last time, wasn’t it…
So come along on Thursday, September 13th at 7pm for all this, and possibly an extra challenge or two from your loyal Playmasters!
Until then, be well and be merry!

We’ve created a facebook group to use as a meeting point for all of you and all of us outside of the main Playground sessions. If you haven’t become a member yet you can join through here.  It’s a test to see how an online platform could work in conjunction with the real life meet-ups to bring everyone together, launch conversations and ideas, and expand our creative environment.


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