Take Five!

I was just going through the previous posts I’ve written to check if there is a specific style of writing that I normally use to open the first paragraph. Because really, the first sentence HAS to be the one to get your attention, right? Here’s what I found:

“Yes!” (30 June)

“We’ve been very excited here at the Playground HQ with all the response we had from you guys.” (4 July)

“Big high fives to all you brave souls who came to Playground last Thursday!” (17 July)

“You guys! Have you noticed the weather lately?!” (27 July)

“So, you do notice when we don’t post!” (7 August)

“It was great seeing all of you again last Thursday.” (15 August)

“I know you missed me.” (6 September)

And of course I shan’t forget the catchiest of them all:

“I struggle to find the words to describe what happened last Thursday at our fourth event at the Old Fire Station.” (16 September)

Yes, of course, thanks for mentioning it (I only heard you thinking of it to be honest), I know, there is NO specific style. Right? I’m happy you noticed, it feels good to be able to share my concerns with someone. Your hair looks great, by the way.

What was I going to say? Of course! Playground next week, at the Old Fire Station as always at 7pm. We like, as you know, coming up with semi-witty titles and, I am now about to reveal, to you, only you, the title of our fifth event!

Bear wants you to come to Take Five. He says (she says? I don’t know its gender, it’s quite hard to tell from this image, don’t you think?) that it’s going to be a really exciting evening.

MUE is a collaboration between Bruno (musician), Macarena (dancer) and Dariusz (video-maker) and they’re going to show an uncooked with live music, live dance and live visuals. You’ve met Dariusz before, when he shared his toys (and his vodka) on Polish cinematography and, yes, vodka.

Malcolm is going to take over the space by setting up three music stations around the Shop/Gallery, with the different instruments being within some distance from each other and he will be moving around the space while playing a piece of improvised music. I don’t see moving improvising musicians very often so I think it sounds like a rare opportunity.

We will also have a couple of treats for you. A brand new game (to get you to like us) and also a little present that I cannot disclose just yet. And of course, the Playground Pirate with his games of chance and our newest addition The Random Collaboration Bowl! (or plastic container, or bag, or whatever we happen to remember to pick from home before coming to see you.)

Also, it has come to our attention (cough, cough) that some of you wear Playground badges and some of you don’t. We don’t mean to push anyone -and we completely understand if the act of badge-wearing goes against your beliefs- but we would really like it if you picked one on your way in. They’re different colours and the colour coding helps whenever we need to split into groups for games, activities and such. You really don’t need to buy one. It’s 50p deposit. You can just leave it back in the jar on your way out.

Now, the bad news. It’s 2.20am and I need to be up really early, so, forgive me but I have to leave you. I promise we’ll spend some -ehm- quality time together in the very near future.

Smile to a random person on the street today. What’s the worst that can happen?

All the best,







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