The Old Fire Station is ONE year old.

We had texts and facebook posts and emails lately, asking questions like “When’s the next Playground?”/”Can I show something in November?”/ “Why haven’t I still received the newsletter?”/”What kind of present do you want for Christmas?”. Actually I made the last one up, no one has asked this yet, but in case you were going through your Christmas list, the answer is a time-machine. I’d love it if you gave me a time-machine for Christmas.

Back to the real questions. In case you haven’t heard the big news yet, the Old Fire Station is ONE year old! They’ve prepared a big party for everyone this Thursday, 8 November. Look, we know that your very-well organised diary tells you that this is a Playground day, and it would be, but we really wanted to celebrate together with all the other artists and collaborators of the OFS and feel that we can contribute something to the space that has supported Playground for so long.

Playground has been running monthly events at the Shop and Gallery at the Old Fire Station since June. Which means that the OFS has believed in us and has supported us for a whole 6 months already. This is half of their life time so far. And this means a great deal to us.

For the unique event of the OFS’s completing one whole year of existence on this wonderful planet, the Playmasters have prepared a very special birthday present!

We’ll celebrate the occasion by letting you all dip ruthlessly into our dusty documentation archives and watch a ”best of” (or is it going to be a “funniest of”?) compilation of our monthly get- togethers up until now. This mini flashback will be occasionally and abruptly interrupted / embellished by super quick games, flash fast rounds of Instant Noodles and perhaps a few unexpected fun facts.

And, can you keep a secret? Let me whisper something in your ear:

In the true DIY spirit of Playground, we’ve also put together a completely handmade and unique finale, especially created with all the OFS staff and artists in mind.

But, Shhh…

lt’s a surprise.

If you want to come and celebrate with us the link to the event page is here and the doors open at 7.30pm. We’ll be there, the Oxford Improvisers will be there, Steve Larking will be there and many many others.

Note that this is a paid event and not a regular Playground evening. Tickets are 10 pounds and 8 concessions. The money is going back to support the Arts at the Old Fire Station, a place that has been the home for many artists and makers, including us, for the last 12 months.

I do hope to see you there on Thursday. It looks like there is something for every taste in the line-up.

We’ll be back in regular Playground mode on the 13th December with a super-festive wintry one. Mulled wine anyone?




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