For OFS is a jolly good fellow

As I mentioned last week, the Old Fire Station celebrated its 1st Birthday on the 8th November with a big party in the theatre. The event was really varied and presented an unexpected collection of performance, dance, music, comedy, spoken word, and -of course- Playground. The -almost 3 hours long- programme perfectly showcased everything that the Old Fire Station stands for and everything that it has achieved within the first year of its life. It was a full house and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

We decided that what we wanted to do for the event was to celebrate what Playground has achieved through the Old Fire Station’s support and collectively thank them for that.

We showed a Best of Playground video and at the same time played a word game using the video material as inspiration. The slightly complicated game joyously resulted in a beautiful image of members of the audience holding up big white cards with letters on, with the letters spelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

And there was cake, too. Cakes. Cupcakes. Carrot cupcakes. Many of them. Which we had to ice in the changing room. We have never iced cakes in a theatre changing room before. But of course there is a first time for everything.

For December, Playground is back to normal mode. As always, we’ll see you on the second Thursday, that’s the 13 December, at the Shop/Gallery at the Old Fire Station at 7pm.

Here is the “Best of Playground” video for your eyes only. All your lovely faces are on it. Have a peek!

Participants (in order of appearance): Malcolm Atkins, Philippa Jeffery, Dominika Akuszewska, Felicity Ford, Tim Chatzigiannis, Paola Esposito, Russell Anderson, Cath Watson, Dariusz Dziala, Emma Reynard, Martin Tanton, Paulette Mae, Dot 23, Ninos Grigoriadis, MUE

Produced by: PLAYGROUND

Presented by: Russell Anderson, Stavroula Kounadea

Camera: Paola Esposito, Tim Chatzigiannis

Video Editing: Darius Dziala, Paola Esposito, Stavroula Kounadea

Composer: Tim Chatzigiannis

Graphic Design: Thomas Ntamtsios, Stavroula Kounadea

With thanks to: Arts at the Old Fire Station, Oxford


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