The Joy of Six

Hey guys, haven’t seen you for a while! What have you been up to? As most of you know, we had a little break from our regular Playground sessions last month to celebrate the Old Fire Station’s first Birthday. You can read all about it on our last blog entry.

But now we’re back, more ready than ever. Next week, Thursday 13 December we’ll be welcoming you once again at the Shop at the OFS for an extraordinary (almost) non- Christmas-related evening of games, dance and handmade musical instruments. And of course there will be space for all your sudden, brief and surprising Instant Noodles.

Cath, who you might remember from presenting her thoughts and ideas on landscape and technology at Playground last July, volunteered to design a flyer for us and I have to say it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful and curious at once. Remember to give a big high five to Cath when you see her around!

joy-of-six-flierOur next event, as you can see, is titled The Joy of Six, which was suggested a few months ago by friend and fellow artist Mike.

I absolutely love how the whole process of making Playground happen has started, bit by bit, becoming a collaborative effort with many of you wanting to be more involved with the actual organising and running of the platform. We’re always delighted to receive emails from you guys with ideas and suggestions and contributions, so please, if there’s something along the lines of “wouldn’t it be great if…” that’s been bugging you lately, send us an email, a pigeon, a message in a bottle, anything. We do take walks down the river sometimes to watch for incoming bottles with our names on, just in case.

It would be great to see as many of you Playgrounders there on Thursday because we want your opinion and feedback on a couple of things. Seeing how many of you want to be more involved in this project, we want to ask you a few questions to see how we can make things better, more fun and more useful and to see how we can together grow as creatives, professionals, and as human beings through Playground.

(Did that sound a bit naff? Soz, I do get quite ideological at times. Won’t happen again.)

For the new ones in town, the entrance to the Arts at the Old Fire Station is from Gloucester Green, and we start at 7pm.

Bring your Joy to the 6th Playground. It’s the last one for 2012!

Looking forward to seeing you all there.




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  1. Hi I have just trawled through your website, and I want to say what an incredible project, the work and thought and love that has gone into it is tremendous. You must be all working so so hard.
    I have received your email via Brookes where I am a very mature art student studying for a BA Hons in fine Art. Do Tell me how does one join, are there any fees to pay, the whole idea looks exciting, so hopefully I will come along to see whats cooking!!! Thommi Freeman

    1. stav says:

      Hi Thommi. Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback. It would be great to meet you in person on Tuesday. There are no fees to pay and you don’t need to do anything specific in order to “join”. If you want to show/share/present work you can find all the info under the “Come and Play” tab on the the top menu of this site. If you want to come and see what others are doing, it’s free, just turn up! Looking forward to seeing you next week.

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