Aaaaand, we’re back.

After getting a much-needed rest last month, the Playmasters are back for another colourful and vibrant Playground. It happens to -very inappropriately- fall on a date mostly known for the inexplicable effect that it has on paired up individuals to reduce the miracle of love into an exchange of fluffy, pink, heart/bear-shaped mass-produced objects.

We’re planning to ignore this accidental coincidence, because accidental is just what it is. It’s the 2nd Thursday of February and we will be loyal to you as we have always (mostly) been. See, even our flier has not very much to do with the usual 14th February aesthetics.

playground flyer

We are delighted to have two brand new players this month, two artists who found out about Playground through completely different ways and approached us because they want to try out their new projects and get to meet other people who do interesting things (yes, they mean you).

  • Rob (and I’m quoting him) is going to perform some “lo-fi quite crude electronic compositions that are¬†interspersed with bizarre ramblings that are sometimes funny”
  • Veronica (and her Mexican Doll) will ignite the magic of story-telling in all of us, with the opening line “Once upon a time there was a Mexican Doll who…”

Both of these fall into an Uncooked round, so be ready for some pretty fresh and untried stuff to happen.

The Playmasters are also planning to introduce a new social experiment that can have the potential to eventually change not just the way we all see each other but also transform the way we work together as a group, as a creative hub, as a community. And when we say “we” we mean everyone who is/has been/will be part of Playground in any way. We were inspired to pilot this idea by your comments and feedback and we would really really like it if you gave it a go and see if something comes out of that. The full idea will be introduced in February’s Playground so, here’s another reason why you shouldn’t miss it.

Excuse the cynicism of the opening paragraph. What I meant to say was that, for me, being there with all of you, being inspired and surprised by you, laughing with you, coming up with new ideas for you and because of you, gives me a much more genuine experience of togetherness than any fluffy teddy-bear in the world would ever have the power to.

And that’s why none of us made any Valentine plans for that evening. Because we want to spend it with you.

It’s a date.









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