Is it the ninth one already?

Ok, guys, as you’ve noticed we’ve sadly decided to stop using semi-witty puns to title each event. That’s mainly because we’ve ran out of semi-witty puns. But also it means that our publicity is now a bit less text-busy and it saves us havingnto typenthe title each month on each new flyer. It makes the whole process about 10 seconds quicker and the whole flyer about 8 levels less funny. But hey, that’s life, right?

However, we think that it’s still interesting to try and keep track of how long Playground has been running for. Next week, 14th March we will hold the 9th monthly Playground session. That’s pretty significant because that’s like, you know, how long it usually takes for humans to make babies.


If you join us on Thursday, I promise there won’t be a baby shower, but you will become witnesses of some really fascinating art experiments. The world’s first, to my knowledge at least, orchestra that fits in a handbag, will make its first appearance on Thursday, thanks to Karen. You will also meet Sophie, one of the artists behind a fresh and brave new project involving empty shops and affordable art and you will also have the opportunity to be present for a unique appearance of Julian who plays the french horn and who has rarely been seen playing solo.

That’s very briefly what the evening involves. I don’t want to keep you from all the important things that you are into right this second, so I’ll make a smooth exit now. I’ll be thinking of you. And I’ll be waiting to see you there, at the OFS, at 7pm on Thursday.




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