New Season, New Space, New Date!

Your favourite artists’ new work and collaboration platform in Oxford is getting a face-lift!

As you have probably already noticed/heard/read Playground’s new season of monthly events is now supported by the Arts Council England and the Oxford City Council. After receiving this exciting news we started making some changes to Playground so we can make it even more fun, even more fresh, even more creative.

Point #1: On the 2nd TUESDAY! (not Thursday anymore)

Point #2: We’ll be at the LOFT at the Old Fire Station!

If you haven’t been to the Loft before, just keep in mind that it’s up a couple of flights of stairs, and of course it’s also fully accessible through a lift. Moving Playground to the Loft is one of the biggest changes we’ve made so far. The Loft is quite spacious, fully equipped and it has its own chairs. Being there will make Playground a much smoother and sleeker operation, with more straight-forward get-ins and swift get-outs and therefore more time for everyone to mingle, chat and have a drink.

Please come and join us on 9 April, 7 pm to celebrate all the changes, big and small. Join us to celebrate everything that we have achieved together the past 10 months and raise a glass to the power of getting together and making something happen.

April Playground Flyer


As always it will be an evening full of art, games, laughter, surprises and instant noodles.

You can explore the awesome and mysterious workings of devising theatre processes through a very unique workshop led by Playmaster Russell who is also the artistic director of the Oxford-based theatre company Re:Conception Theatre.

Don’t forget to pack your brief announcements or sudden realisations, for Playground’s popular BONUS round “Instant Noodles”, and throw them out into the world to see what happens.

You can even play games with imaginary clay!

You can network, create collaborations and discover our extra new and special Skills Exchange format.

You can secretly enjoy the stories of unsuccessful projects in our Slightly Burned (aka how-everything-went horribly-wrong-but-I’m-still-here-to-tell-the-story) round or witness your peers’ giving birth to Uncooked projects and give them feedback to help them grow.

And of course, you can just come, have a drink and just enjoy being part of the world of Playground, the most fertile hub for creativity and ideas in Oxford (if we may say so ourselves).

Only a week to go! Are you ready?






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