May’s Playground is almost here

I find it so hard to be indoors, typing away, looking at my computer screen when the sunshine and the birds are having the most beautiful dance outside. I am sitting in the dining room (which is at the back of the house) with the back doors wide open to let all the shiny magic that’s going on at the back garden sneak into the rest of the house.

But, as you can tell, I am still here, haven’t gone out to play with the sun and that’s because I am so excited about all the things that are going to happen on the next Playground, that I really have to share it with you!

even our flyer is summery!


The 14th of May will be an evening full of locally grown free range ideas and art to suit everyone’s taste.

Sam will Share his Toys with us, getting us involved in the most extraordinary vocal experiment in the history of the planet, not kidding you, really, it’s called A Partial History of Life on Earth for Voice and it asks us to use our voices to narrate the history of the planet using a score that starts with “circa 4.5 billion years ago” and ends with “the present moment”.

We will also be joined by Afroditi, the Arts Coordinator of the annual Oxford Pride Festival, who will bring the festival’s joyous and colourful spirit to Playground. Oxford Pride has always put a particular focus on the value of arts and this year it’s brought together more than 25 artists to show work in 4 different Oxford venues between 17 May- 18 July. This is their Facebook page.

And here’s one for the art and technology lovers out there. Neil, an artist and technologist, will be presenting and demonstrating the Java-based software he has developed, called Praxis LIVE, aimed to be used as a creative/interactive interface for live audio-visual performance. You can find more info here.

Come to share, meet and play on Tuesday 14 May at the Old Fire Station. We’re upstairs, at the Loft and we start at 7pm. There will also be plenty of time to mingle and have a drink during the evening. Bring your friends, your self and your playfulness and leave the rest to us.

See you there,





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