Rainbows and Interactive performance

Last Playground was advertised through a flyer that featured a happy and juicy bowl of strawberries. When I was composing the image, the sun was shining and the birds where dancing away while showing off their vocal acrobatics. The evening of the 14th though, the day of May’s Playground, was horribly cold and rainy and muddy and wet. And I feel bad for making you believe that summer was indeed here. I want to apologise to anyone who might have felt manipulated, mis-informed or lied to by either me or the strawberries on the publicity. I wanted it to be summer and if it was up to me I would have done my best to make it be summer. I’ll try to keep my optimism at bay from now on and be more literal, sincere and speak the truth and nothing but the truth.

And the truth is, last Tuesday the weather was an absolute nightmare but we had a great time anyway!

We started off with a game, introduced by Playmaster Paola. Maybe some of you know it as “Story Consequences”, but I am sure it goes by a bunch of different names. Basically it’s like Consequences but with stories. We split into 3 groups and produced three hilarious and weird and dark stories within a few minutes. Good trick for Writer’s Block sufferers, maybe.

Then Afro did a Share my Toys and introduced us quickly to the movement of DIY Rainbow crossings that has been taking over the world to celebrate equality and diversity in the community. Afro Share my Toys

Afro then invited us to create the first DIY Rainbow in Oxford by painting our faces in different colours of the rainbow. She had brought pots of face paint and reassured us that we would be able to wipe it clean afterwards using wet-wipes. One of the pictures taken that evening is now featured in the official world-wide DIY Rainbow Crossings online community.DIY Rainbow Crossings at Playground

After a short break it was Neil‘s turn to show us some Things He Sort of Knows. Neil has developed an open-source graphical environment for artists and musicians to use to control multi-media performances and installations. It’s called Praxis LIVE and you can find it hereNeil Things I Sort of Know

Neil also did an Instant Noodle announcing the news that the Oxford Hackspace will be taking one of the spaces at the OVADA warehouse and they’re inviting more people to get involved in this group of artists, technologists, engineers and musicians. Find info on Oxford Hackspace here.

Next Playground is on Tuesday 11 June. What kind of things have you been working on lately? Anything you want to try out? Are you looking for other artists to work with or just to bounce some ideas off? Go to Come and Play and then you can use the Contact form to , well, contact us. Or just drop us a line to say hi, introduce yourself or suggest ways to make Playground better. That’s why we’re here for.

See you in a few weeks’ time

Play nicely




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