Art is Hot, Resilient and Resourceful. Like a Cactus.

June’s Playground is almost here! One more evening of the freshest art in the area and it’s only a few days away. Tuesday 11 June, at 7pm as always, at the LOFT of the Old Fire Station. And here’s the hot, resilient and resourceful image for this month, featuring a cactus and designed by our new Playmaster, Cath.

June 2013 FlyerYes! We have a new Playmaster! Some of you might remember Cath from presenting her ideas at Playground last year, but for those of you who weren’t there, you’ll get the chance to meet her on Tuesday.

The three Players for the evening will be:

Sam who will do an Uncooked Things I Sort of Know (mixing up the rounds a bit there, really revolutionary) and, besides improvising with the names of the rounds, he will also improvise with bass and live electronics to create ever-changing soundscapes.

Claudia will brave the challenge of the Chemical Reaction to see what kind of things do artists need from a studio/residency space and how could the new space at the Magdalen Road Studios ,called Filament 14, work with artists to achieve this.

Kesia (who wanted to keep this a secret, but, oops, not a secret anymore, soz) will do an Uncooked experiment on how the act of watching/listening to someone playing the piano can be transformed with the help of projections, screens, and other similar witchcraft.

Each round is 15 minutes maximum, with time for casual chat and feedback with the artists afterwards, there will be a bar, and we promise that there will be no pressure whatsoever to network or mingle against your will. And of course it’s free entry (and free exit).

See you in a few days.




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