hello sun! cheerio playground

Well, we’ve done it again! Last week’s Playground was a scorcher. Yes, because of the sun, which we ordered especially (he owed us). But also because of the tasty blend of Players, and our dear ole friends as well as another flush of new faces – which was very nice to see. So thank you to everyone who came along and dipped their toes in the water, or dived head first in to the Playground (indoor) pool.


First up was Sophie who went with a Share my Toys, showing us what she had been getting up to with her turf project. She had shared this idea a month previously as an Instant Noodle, looking for co-conspirators, so it was great to see what had happened since then.

But that was far from it: Sophie also invited us to the Bank of Change, a bank whose policy is to give away money and who wouldn’t know what to do with an algorithm even if you asked nicely. But they would take a while helping you out with a mortgage.

And then ! Sophie told us about another current project, which involves speaking to students to find out their thoughts about education, and how they would change it if they could. More ideas than you can shake your loose change at. If you are interested in helping Sophie in her antics please get in touch.


Round 2 was Kaye. She introduced us to Grey Fox, a Native American myth about how the animals had to work together and use each others different skills to save the world. Peril aside, Kaye is making a magazine based on this same principle of collaboration between disciplines, including those beyond the arts. She is currently looking for contributors from artists, writers, scientists, academics … anyone who is working away on something that they would like to be given a different kind of platform outside of their usual choices, or who just wants the fruits of their labours to be saved from a lonely life on the shelf.


And finally! A very familiar and lovely face, Stav, who also shared her toys. Almost all commissions come with their own particular combination of specifics: theme, time frame, place and budget: a combination that can be so peculiar that you are left feeling that by the time you have made those allowances your idea / integrity will have given you up. So she challenged us with a bonkers mix of these four categories, giving us only a matter of minutes to come up with something.

And out of this rabble came some funny – and workable – projects: showing how a little bit of free thinking can conquer those categories and giving us a few playful tips for how to deal with that thing ‘reality’ (pronounced re-al-ity) when it comes to making the deadline / getting the money / doing the work.

Playground is taking a break for August, and the normal slot in September… but we will be back with a bang, a toot, a whistle and a drum roll on SEPTEMBER 14TH for the ONE DAY ONLY PLAYGROUND FESTIVAL. We will be taking over the building without making any threats, so until then, we very much look forward to seeing you then.



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