Art moves in mysterious ways

After a much needed August break and an explosive bang with Playground on Fire, we’re now back on track with our regularly monthly sessions. Tuesday 8 October will be our official “Playground Returns” day and it will be full of all things magical.

october flyerBesides your favourite rounds of Games and Instant Noodles we will also have some very special appearances, two artists completely new to Playground as well as a more in depth introduction to our recently devised SEEDS programme.

  • Peter will take the challenge of a Share My Toys presenting and asking you to contribute to a project that he has been working on. He’ll help you dive deep into the imagery and language of dreams and you can help him back.
  • Dimitri, who some of you might have met at Playground on Fire, will bring the unearthly spirit of Sun Ra back to life. Expect space-poetry, kaftans, a lot of gold and uninhibited showmanship.
  • The Playmasters¬†will use one of the slots to re-introduce SEEDS. It stands for Skills Exchange for the Evergrowing Development of Superpowers and it’s one of the newest additions to the things that Playground makes happen. Will you take part in this social experiment?

See you on Tuesday at the Loft at the Old Fire Station. Come prepared.

Until then

Play nicely


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