Tuesday 12 November

Our next Playground session at the Old Fire Station will bring together an incredible mix of artists and ideas. We are really looking forward to hosting Jack, Sam and the OHMI Trust.

So here’s more or less how the evening of the 12th of November is going to play out:

November 2013


  • Sam Underwood will do a Chemical Reaction about all the amazing things that he has been doing with If Wet over the last year. If Wet is a monthly event for sonic explorations and experimentation taking place on the last Sunday of every month at the Callow End Village Hall, Callow End, Worcestershire. I’ve been, it’s great and if you’re interested in sound, music, instruments, technology you should certainly go.

This is Sam’s website. For more info on If Wet click here.

  • Jack Eden really really likes plinths. Jack is a sculptor with a love for geometrical shapes and precision. And plinths. Jack will do a Things I Sort of Know, details of which are still covered in a veil of mystery, but you can bet on the fact that it will involve the white three-dimensional cuboids that tend to cause the Marmite effect in the art world.

You can see some of Jack work here.

  • Have you ever wondered how would someone play an orchestral instrument using only one hand? The OHMI Trust (One-Handed Musical Instrument) wonder about it too. The OHMI Trust works with musicians, artists, inventors and technologists to address the issue of the lack of orchestral instruments that can be played with one hand. They run a competition with support by Ars Electronica and they want your ideas, designs and prototypes.

Their website is here.

See you all on Tuesday 12 November, 7pm at the Old Fire Station (entrance from George Street). We’ll be upstairs at the LOFT, make sure you follow the signs.









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