And here is all that happened in November!

Sorry for the really late update on what went on in November’s Playground. The Playmasters have been really busy trying to plan, fund and improve the next year of Playground. We have some amazing new ideas for next year, so if you’re not doing anything important with your fingers right now please, keep them crossed for us!

Last time we started with one of our most popular little games to get the creative spirits flowing. We played a quick fire round of Story Consequences, similar to Picture Consequences but with, well, stories. Here are some of the delightfully unexpected results.

story2 glow

In the meanwhile, Dot started drawing pictures based on these surreal stories:



First up was the OHMI Trust (One Handed Musical Instruments) who came all the way from Birmingham to present to everyone the work that they have done, bringing musicians, artists and technologists together to address the lack of traditional musical instruments that can be played using only one hand. It was very informative, exciting and at times quite touching to see how these ideas and instruments can change people’s lives.

Stephen from OHMI Trust

Straight after we had the lovely Jack Eden taking on the round of Things I Sort of Know and giving it a twist. Jack asked us to all sit around in a circle and have a conversation about plinths. He facilitated it with charm and humour and it ignited loads of thoughtful and insightful comments about plinths; the purpose of, the lack of and the beauty of.

Jack and his plinths

Our last guest was Sam Underwood to do a Chemical Reaction about his sonic exploration platform call If Wet. BUT, through a horrible series of truly unfortunate events (his train crashed on car o_O) he sadly didn’t manage to make it all the way to Playground. The ingenuity of modern technology almost saved the day, though. Sam had already emailed us his Powerpoint presentation and while he was fighting with possibilities of replacement buses and hitchhiking, he somehow found the time to TEXT us all the things that he was going to talk about. So, you saw it here first! “Playground artist presenting via text”.

(And here is me doing Sam’s presentation while reading it out loud from my phone…)


We had a final special surprise for Seb who, besides being a dear friend, has been the Assistant Gallery Manager at the Old Fire Station for the whole of Playground’s life so far and now he is ready to open up his wings and follow the next step in his career and his life. He has been very supportive of Playground from day one and we were sad to see him go. So we brought cake!


Above you can see Seb being surprised, happy and slightly embarrassed all at once… and below you can see Dot going around with a tray of cupcakes and making sure everyone has one.

Dot and cake

Thank you all so much for coming along.

We’ll see you next week. Tuesday 10 December, 7pm, at the LOFT at the Old Fire Station.



(thanks to Nicola Armitage for providing some of the images for this post)

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