NEXT 10 December: Films and Maps and the Art of Asking

Of course it’s not long now until the next Playground. Next session, Tuesday 10 December, will be our last one for 2013 and since we won’t see you now until February (yep, we’re taking a break for January as usual…) you should come and say a celebratory “Hi”.

December flyer


  • Catherine Watson will be doing another of her favourite rounds – Things I sort of know. She will present the development of the ideas she showed at Playground last year. Holding her hand, we’ll delve into the mind-blowing world of maps, cartography, representation of distances, masses and depths. How can we explore every inch and dimension of this heavy, round, floaty thing called Earth within the space of 15 minutes? Cath will show you how.
  • Nicola Armitage will also do a Things I Sort of Know and it seems like the thing that Nicola knows is all about Experimental Documentaries. She will screen a few clips from previous work she’s made and will also talk about the new film project she’s working on. She hopes to find some new collaborators amongst you. Are you up for it?
  • For the end of the evening the Playmasters will treat you to some of the inspiring gems they have foraged in the dark and haunted valleys of the Land of the Internets. This one is going to be super special.

There you go!

As always, and as you know, entry is FREE, we’re upstairs at the LOFT at the Old Fire Station, we start at 7pm and there is a BAR!

Can’t wait to see you all there.



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