Wild Places, Familiar Landmarks and Mysterious Art Forums


It’s less than a week to go and since you’re as impatient as we are I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Playground will start the new year on Tuesday 25 February, at 7pm at the Gallery at the Old Fire Station. Yes, we’ve changed the date AND the space. We’ll now be on the 4th Tuesday monthly in the lovely Gallery space downstairs. What can we say, we like moving things around the building and around the calendar a little bit.

25 February 2014Our wonderful artists for the evening will be:

  • Aya Kasai, the founder (and self-titled dictator) of the newly founded (and greatly needed) Contemporary Arts Research Unit (CARU), will do a Things I Sort of Know.  Aya will let you in to the collaborative world of CARU, what it is, how it works and present you all the amazing things they did with their two recent Symposia titled Silencing the Silence and Nothing in Art.

CARU is on facebook here.

  • Emma Moxey, whose beautiful exhibition All the Familiar Landmarks is right now exhibited at the Gallery at the OFS, will go along with the playfulness of Playground with a Share My Toys that will involve looking, drawing, writing, pens, pencils and small bits of paper, sitting on chairs or sitting on the floor, and -rumours say- a much cherished finely crafted pine chest.

Find more about Emma’s work here.

  • Nick Meakins joined us for the first time a few months ago and he’ll be coming all the way from Wales to do a Things I Sort of Know.  He will share some of his photography work and a short film he recently made, all of them based on ideas of journeys, wild places and daydreaming. Nick is open to collaborations so if you like what you see go and say hi afterwards.

Some of his stunning images can be found here.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all once again on Tuesday 25 February, 7pm, Gallery at the Old Fire Station.

Did I mention it’s FREE? And there is a BAR!

Yes, we’ve missed you, too.


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