Coming up: Sounds on Maps and Bodies in Spaces

A really quick one to say a few words about tomorrow’s Playground.

If you’re into field recording, sound processing or mapping, if you have thoughts about your body’s relationship to the physical space that surrounds you and what’s your relationship to it then this evening is for you.


  • Stuart Fowkes will start the evening with a Chemical Reaction about his new venture Cities & Memory through which he is mapping the real and imagined sounds of the world. He’s looking for collaborators and contributors so if you like the sound of it come to see what he’s up to. Click here for the Cities & Memory website.
  • Ryan C. Quarterman likes exploring the relationship and the tension between the physical restriction of both our bodies and our surrounding environments. He uses various devices as interfaces for measurement and examination. He will tell you all about it in a Things I Sort of Know. More about Ryan here.
  • Stavroula Kounadea (yes, that’s me). It occured to me that I haven’t utilised Playground to present/explore my own creative adventures and that many of you might know me as “Stav from Playground” but wonder what it is that I actually do outside that. Expect a Share my Toys with hints of theatre & performance. My website is here.

All this will take place on Tuesday 25 March, 7pm at the Gallery at the Old Fire Station. Come in, say hi, explore all the amazing things that artists near you are making and hang out for a drink afterwards. Did I say it’s FREE?


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