UPDATE: Playground Episode 16

While we’re putting the final touches to April’s get-together we thought you might want to have a look at what happened in March. The opening game this time was a dose of your favourite Golden Ears, back by popular demand, led by Playmaster (and acclaimed Listening expert) Tim Chatzigiannis.Golden Ears2You can see him here explaining the rules of the game, just before using the sorcery of pre-recorded sounds and hand-outs with mulitple choice questions on them. We all took guessing the sounds very seriously. Golden Ears3 That was a brilliant warm-up for the first Round of the evening, a Chemical Reaction by Stuart Fowkes. Stuart Stuart presented his most recent project titled Cities and Memory, an interactive sound-mapping website where field-recordists and sound enthusiasts can upload sounds from around the world, process them, share them and re-imagine them. Stuart invited everyone at Playground to submit sounds and recordings onto the website here and make them part of a bigger sonic community. The website is very easy to use so, click on that link and give it a go. Stuart4For the second round, I did a kind of Share My Toys, for a project I have been working on for a while but struggle to get it off the ground. It will be a performance exploring the death of Ophelia (from Hamlet) and the story behind it. I really needed a fresh perspective on things so I started asking everyone present what is it that comes to mind when they hear the name Ophelia. We got all the answers on post-its… Stav6As you see above people were really worried about what the next post-it was going to bring to the surface. There were so many stories, so many different views on Ophelia around that evening and it really helped me to get some parts of the story unstuck. Stav7 After the customary short interval, Ryan C. Quarterman stole the spotlight with a round of Things I Sort of Know.


Ryan showed us a video containing documentation of his artistic journey of the last few years, from live performances where he measures spaces using his body and long, stick-like objects to taking advantage of the camera itself as a tool to reach the physical space in different ways.


It was a wonderful night and we want to send big thanks to everyone who made it happen.

Next Playground is coming up soon, on Tuesday 22 April, 7pm at the Old Fire Station as always. It would be great to see you all there and discover together all the amazing projects that other artists are making right now.

And of course, if you want to get in touch with the Playmasters, click on the option on top left, imaginatively named “Contact” and one of our representative will be with you shortly.



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