COMING UP #17: Performance, Zine-making and Photography

Not long now until your next monthly dose of some of the freshest art projects and ideas in Oxford at the moment.

On Tuesday 22 April, join us at the Old Fire Station for an exciting mixture of photographic experimentation, performance and zine-making.


The three artists with their three 15 minute long slots will be:

  • Victor Dia will experiment with new ways of looking at images, and will ask for your feedback and thoughts on his new photographic explorations. To get an idea of Victor’s previous work click here.
  • Veronica Cordova de la Rosa fresh off the Zine-making workshop at Makers’ Month, will spill her zine making beans and talk about how you could go about making your own DIY handmade, independent publication.
  • Peta Lloyd will stretch the Playground format as far as she can get away with, with a durational performance that will be completed towards the end of the evening. You can find more about Peta’s work here.

Bring your ideas, your curiosity and your Instant Noodles and leave the rest to your trusted Playmasters’ hands.

Don’t forget that if you want to show something, share something, try something out or tune something up, go to Come and Play for details and get in touch via Contact.



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