Last month was April


Before we start telling you all about what’s going to happen on the 27th May, let us jog your memory of the last Playground get-together, the one that happened on the second month of Spring, also know as April.

Our ice-breaker game this time was one we’ve never played before, run by Aya (the newest addition to the Playground HQ) and your trusted Playmaster Tim and aptly titled Golden Eyes. After being randomly put into groups we were shown tiny bits from very famous paintings and we had to guess the name of the painting (one point for that) and the name of the artist (extra bonus point for this one). A lot of really thorough thinking and giggles occured as a result.

The first Round for the evening saw Victor Dia showing us his latest work, an unusual image which we got the opportunity to see from all sorts of different angles accompanied by a lovely piece of music, and we were asked to guess what the image actually was.

Victor Dia

I don’t want to reveal the mystery or spoil the surprise for anyone who wasn’t there but I can say for sure that it certainly wasn’t a dead fish stuffed into this surgical glove.

It was lovely to then have Veronica Cordova de la Rosa returning to Playground to share with us her excitement about the DIY Zine-Making scene. Her up-beat presentation included a brief history of the Zine culture and self-publishing, and we also got the chance to get our hands on some very distinctive and unique Zines that Veronica brought along with her.

Veronica Cordova

Then with only 1 minute left she and Rob made a super quick demonstration of how you can make your own multi-page zine out of a single A4 sheet of paper!

Veronica and Rob

During the short break Peta Lloyd started positioning on the floor what seemed like a thousand plastic cups creating a very intriguing image in the middle of the room, there waiting for everyone to come back into the Gallery.

Peta Lloyd


Peta’s performance really came into its own after everyone was back in and started walking around her while she was carefully building a tower out of these plastic cups. Some of them had letters on. What will it read in the end, we wondered.


“We are all alone.Born alone, die alone and we shall all some day look back on our lives and see in spite of company we were alone the whole way. I do not say lonely but essentially and finally alone.”


And with this in mind then we saw the tower falling down, collapsing in front of our eyes, filling the whole space with disconnected, spread out, alone plastic cups…

Peta's tower collapsing

And this way we reached the end of the evening.

Loads of fascinating art coming up in May’s Playground, so don’t forget to join us on Tuesday 27 May (yes, that’s next week) for an evening of creative surprises and ground-breaking ideas.




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