A swarm of bees in May


While you are anxiously anticipating next week’s Playground let’s remember what happened in May:

The opening game, organized by Playmaster Aya, was a drawing – based version of the all time classic Consequences: We were split into groups of 4 – 5 people each and were given a blank piece of paper. Each member of the group had to start a drawing and fold the paper so the person that would continue the drawing couldn’t see what the other person drew before them. Here are some pictures of us carefully working towards our final masterpieces:


And here are the finished masterpieces:


The first act of the night was an Uncooked by theatre company Fairy Dust Arts, who performed scenes from their latest play Oxage: Phoenix of Hope. Events in the play take place in a world that used to be fair and just until a king from our world went over there through a portal, and brought everything upside down! Here is the king overlooking his loyal subjects:

the king

The second act was Things I Sort of Know by Dionysia Mylonaki and Sandra Fruhebing who are both working with the Character Engineering Institute (CEI) in London.

They have presented the work they do with the CEI, which involves various strategies of observing and replicating behavioural patterns in order to mimic elements from other people’s behaviour, and use these elements to invent new characters.

Sandra & Dionysia

Our final act was another Things I Sort of Know by mixed-media artist Sonia Dobajova. Sonia presented some of her pieces that were a collection of paintings and installations. Her work combines painting and sculpture in order to create pieces that adapt patterns from nature in order to explore various global issues.

Sonia Dobajova

The night concluded with our usual outing at the pub, which is always a great opportunity to better meet the wonderful artists whose participation makes each Playground special.

We would all like to thank Fairy Dust Arts, Dionysia, Sandra, and Sonia for giving us yet another great night full of wonderful and joyous delights!

Looking forward to seeing you all next Tuesday the 24 at 7pm for the Playground Birthday Party, guaranteed to be full of cake, music and delightful surprises!





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