Playground 2nd birthday


It’s our birthday! We’ve just crossed the threshold, making it two years now of Playground: two sterling years in which we’ve torn through a fairly substantial slice of the many, many forms that art can take.

Two years works out to a whole lot of fifteen minutes’ worth of idea sharing, feedback getting, performance making, thought generating, collaboration seeking, dancing, waffling, drinking, and god knows what else. So, Team Playground have decided to mark this wonderful occasion with a look back over our shoulders at all the things we’ve seen and done, care of your fine selves.

But don’t worry, this won’t be a real time reminisce: we’ll be starting at 7 as usual in our favourite place The Gallery, Tuesday 24th July, with a show reel of the past two years. They will, of course, be CAKE (we’re not amateurs)  AND BEER, so all you need to do is turn up, settle in and help us celebrate. Who knows, maybe you might even find the chance to talk about just what happened to that project. And MAYBE that Pop Up Pirate will yield a free drink. And MAYBE we’ve got Will Gompertz as a special guest speaker.


Also maybe not.


Come along and help us get jubilant.





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