Congratulations and Jubilations

Playground has now entered it’s third year, and to mark this triumph we decided to throw everything out the window and focus on little salty salty snacks in *shapes*, as well as some sugary forms, and to talk about art as a side line, in between handfuls.


Like the adults we are made it through the party without sugar induced demented behaviour (or nothing that stood out from the norm – which says what i don’t know).

playground die-hards stav and tim

Month in month out Playground presses ever forwards, with new – or at least newly dug up – ideas and projects, so a chance to look back at some of the many, many we’ve packed into all those series of fifteen minute segments was not one to be let slip away.

Much as we considered doing some sort of re-enactment we went for the classic show reel, which our Tim did a *cracking* job of – spanning the inaugural event up to last month. The shop, the gallery, the loft, the gallery, Thursdays, Tuesdays, hair cuts, Seb, no Seb, not to mention all of the *actual* Playground content – that is to say all of the bass guitars, plinths, animation, vodka, sonic spindling, sheep, Mexican dolls, zines and magazines, ad-libbing and improvisation and all of the inbetweens and overlaps therein.

blog. i mean dot

In amongst all of that eating (there were two cakes) and red wine drinking (boxes of wine. what are you going to do.) there was even time to chuck balloons about the place, pull party poppers, and tuck into a conversation menu, that included such sterling topics as ‘paint or formaldehyde?’ and ‘where are you going with this?’. (More >here< on this from Dot.)

the one, the only robert ridley shackleton




I think I can safely take the liberty of saying a good time was had by all (I didn’t see anyone sitting on the bottom step drinking gin with mascara spilling off their face in sheets); we even managed a few new faces in amidst the fray. So: here’s to another two years of idea sharing, skill swapping, gassing and drinking….



(we’ll be seeing a full explanation of this serious face by Russell in the coming Playground, July 22nd, caused by a chewy number in the conversation menu)


*Thanks to Pier Corona for the photographs*






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