Playground July poster sample2


It’s come round again… and this is what we’ve in store:

Nimmi Naidoo will be showing a film she made during a residency at Hurst Castle, the soundtrack of which was a collaboration with sound artist and Playground fella Lee Riley. Post screening Nimmi and Lee will talk about how they collaborated, which all fits nicely into everyone’s favourite category Things I Sort of Know .

Swiftly followed by a Playground founding person Russell Anderson, who just can’t get enough of founding: he is now the spearhead of theatre company Re:Conception. He’ll be explaining his inability to answer the conversation menu topic during June’s Playground of: “Ticks, twitches and irrepressible urges: what in art drives you?” in a Things I Sort of Know.


A break for beer, then it’s Roxanne Claxton, artist, MA student studying Contemporary Art and Music and vocal coach at Sing Sing Academy. She’ll be sharing her Uncooked latest work.

We’ll be off in August so July’s session will have to sustain you for the summer, folks. Soak it up, aesthetes! We hope to see you there (7pm in the Gallery at the Old Fire Station. FYI) and in the pub after. (Stav is in Corfu where apparently there isn’t much ale (crivens) so she’ll be getting straight into the barrel, wearing her most absorbant clothes.)





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