Where’s the Summer gone?


Yes, the Playmasters have been on holidays for most of August. We know, we missed you, too. Did you get a chance to enjoy the sunshine?

Our last one for the summer was such a cool way of wrapping up the Playground season. First of all, it was the first time that Playground was in the Theatre at the Old Fire Station, which was an unexpected but very welcome surprise to everyone.

Another first was the warm-up game that we started the evening with. It goes like this: Split into pairs/group. Get a bunch of objects. Use the objects to replicate Michelangelo’s David. Oh yes.


Straight after Nimmi Naidoo showed us the work that she made as part of her residency at Hurst Castle and how it ended up evolving into a collaborative project with Lee Riley. She made instruments out of found objects, recorded their sounds and documented the magic of the surrounding landscape while living in a small cottage in a remote location for 2 weeks.


Russell Anderson, who you might remember as one of the original Playmasters and who now runs his own theatre company called Re:conception Theatre, took the chance to make use of the Playground hive-mind to get ideas and thoughts about his next theatre piece. A lot of deep thinking and careful writing was involved, caused by trying to unearth memories about our relationship with alcohol.


The evening closed Roxanne Claxton, who’s currently completing an MA Contemporary Arts at Oxford Brookes and wanted to show us some videos of what she has been working on so far, part of a body of work that will be presented at her MA show in September. If female stereotypes, Disney films and rock chicks sound like your cup of tea better check out her show.


We’ll be back in September, on Tuesday 23rd, with another rare mix of artwork and ideas by artists who live near you. We’ll be changing to bi-monthly from September onward, to give you more time to prepare your work and to give us more time to properly organise and publicise each event. 

More information about September’s Playground will be posted on here really soon.

Until then, pencil it in your diaries, ask your secretary to cancel your appointments, call in sick, whatever it takes. We’ll be there and we will be very happy to see you as always.







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