TUESDAY 25 NOVEMBER: Music, films, stories and arts festivals!

With only a week to go before November’s PLAYGROUND, let me give you a litte teaser about what’s going to happen on Tuesday 25 November, at the Old Fire Station at 7pm.

playground november

Samuel C. Roberts returns to PLAYGROUND after about a year to keep us up to date with his latest projects and the new things in the horizon. Since last time you saw him, Samuel has completed his PhD and has created music for a documentary by Patrick Crawford amongst other things. He will show us bits from all of that.

More on Samuel’s work here.

FAB (Fringe Arts Bath) festival directors Arran and Scarlett will be next. FAB promote and celebrate contemporary art in the Bath area and beyond, showcasing early career artists and curators. They want to talk about possible collaborations and opportunities for artists.

Read about FAB here.

Craig Green, currently an MA student at Oxford Brookes, has been making work with images, films, printmaking and his latest project is all about stories,telling them, recording them, writing them, and most importantly distorting them. He’d like you all to take part in a little story-telling experiment he’s been working on.

Some of Craig’s work can be found here.

See you all next Tuesday 25th! Make sure you follow the signs in the building as we quite like moving from space to space some times.

Play nicely.


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