November PLAYGROUND Recap

If you weren’t there you missed big time!

First of all we were in a new space, the Art Room upstairs at the Old Fire Station. The Art Room is one of the rooms where Crisis (the homeless charity and cohabitant of Arts at the OFS) runs their educational art programmes, and it was really great and kind of them to let us have it for our November session.


After a game of Art-y-facts (all puns intended and copyrighted) – which included serious matters of debate such as “Did Andy Warhol wear a wig?” and “Was Basquiat really homeless?”- we moved onto our first Round, with Samuel C. Roberts, revisiting PLAYGROUND after about a year and a half with some achievements under his belt and some extra letters in front of his name.


Besides completing his PhD, Samuel also wrote the music for a documentary and he brought some of that for your hearing pleasure. As the film hasn’t been released yet, we could only hear the soundtrack and it was in and of itself incredibly atmospheric, evocative of journeys and landscapes and all sorts of things lurking underwater. And it was all just made with Sam’s bass guitar! True story.

Craig Green for Round 2  got us into an intriguing world with spoken and prerecorded text while passing around tiny little scrolls to each one of us, secured with a fragile cotton thread.


Each scroll had a slightly different (and undecipherable) image on it, and assisted -or tricked- by the soundscape we each saw something else emerging out of it; trees, heartbeats, the tops of mountains…

A short break and a couple of Instant Noodles later, Arran and Scarlett, directors of Fringe Arts Bath (FAB) took over to show us and tell us everything about FAB, how it started, how they run it, about all the amazing empty and underused spaces in the centre of Bath that every Summer become homes to artists and curators from across the board.

Fringe Arts Bath

There are call-outs for artists of all genres still open for many of the FaB shows, and if you weren’t there last time to add yourself to their mailing list, make sure you check their website to see what’s on and how you can be part of it.

It was such a great evening and thank you all for showing, sharing, playing, watching, listening, helping, debating, laughing, chatting and playing along and making PLAYGROUND what it is.

Next one on the 27th January. We’ll post things on here soon, so keep your finger clicking on that Refresh button.


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