PLAYGROUND Ep.22 – Architecting sounds, photographing music, creating art for public spaces

Hello 2015! You look lovely!

We’re starting the year with a bunch of exciting stuff!

Ignoring the cold, the icy roads, the heating bills and the January blues, we’re inviting you to the first PLAYGROUND of the year for another 3 hot and sizzling 15 minute artistic gems from across the board.

January 2015


TUESDAY 27 JANUARY – 7pm, at the Old Fire Station (Art Room)

  • Simon Chatterton (Head of Outdoor Arts for Corn Exchange Newbury) will lift the lid on the work that 101 Creation Space does support and develop the work of artists working or interested in working in public space. 101, Corn Exchange Newbury’s new outdoor arts creation centre on the former nuclear missile base at Greenham Common is a 10,000sq ft warehouse space with fabrication, accommodation, production, rehearsal and living facilities for a dozen artists at a time.

More info on 101 can be found here.

  • Pier Corona, a photographer fascinated with live music, will show some of his latest work leading up to an upcoming exhibition, while also asking us to think about and question whether live improvised music should be recorded/documented in that way. Is it right? Does it do justice to the performance? Or is it an experience that should only be experienced “live”?

You can see some of Pier’s work here.

  • Tanya Harris has been working on a project called “the Architecture of Sound”. It includes recording old resonant buildings, carving their walls, finding relationships between sound and form and turning them into intricate geometric patterns. As Tanya says: “The concept of architecture as frozen music and music as liquid architecture, first formulated by Goethe in XIX century, encapsulates the essence of this project.” She is really interested in getting feedback about presenting her work in different contexts and spaces.

Have a sneak peak on her work here.

Are you ready?

See you all in a few days’ time!


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