TUE 22 NOV // Freedom Protests, Audio-visual explorations, Sound/music commissions


Doors at 7pm, FREE admission

the Old Fire Station, Loft

What better way to beat the winter blues than discovering all the incredible artists and opportunities that are at your doorstep!

The three slots for Tuesday will bring Gary Charles, Victoria Larkin and Dariusz Blaszczak for a full 15 minutes each.


  • Gary Charles, fresh out of the MA Sonic Arts and Composition at Oxford Brookes, will show some of the work he developed at the MA, mainly pieces that share the underlying themes of Freedom, Protest and Mapping. More of Gary’s work here.
  • Victoria Larkin, Deputy Director of OCM (Oxford Contemporary Music) will talk about OCM’s relationship with the Audiograft festival and specifically about their commissions for new work to be shown at Audiograft. You can find out what OCM does here.
  • Dariusz Blaszczak will share his latest audio-visual piece and introduce us to the work he has been doing over the last few years.

Bring your eyes and ears, your smiles and your ideas and don’t forget that you can always grab an Instant Noodle and have your own spotlight for a whole 60 seconds!

If you want to try something out, if you’re making a new piece you want the world to know about have a look here and get in touch with us at info@theplayground.org.uk .

See you on Tuesday!