TUE 24th JAN // Brilliant women create extraordinary live art, photography and writing

Jumping into 2017 with a head full of booze and an internet full of Trump would have never been easy. But we’ve done it, you’ve done it, they’ve done it and we’re still alive.

As any of you who have been following Playground’s adventures over the last 5 years would have noticed, in the core of our Playmastery hearts there is a special place for freedom of thought speech and expression, opportunities for each and all, democracy (with a splash of anarchy), equality and a strong passionate resistance against anything that labels, restricts, stereotypes or pigeonholes a person, their potential and their work. Playground has risen out of those values, giving birth to its open format, the lack of application and selection process, its disobedience towards strict art-genres and alienating academic lingo, the non-hierarchical line-up structure and many more details that make Playground what it is.

It is both lucky and timely then, that for the first Playground of 2017, only a few days after 3.2 million people across the world joined in solidarity with Women’s March, we happen to have a line-up full of brilliant women doing extraordinary things.


  • Lucy Jonas is a photographer, writer and video artist based in Oxford. She has been working on a new photography project called Cup and Spill and she would like to invite you to look at her work, discuss its direction and give feedback to help her complete the project! Lucy’s work can be also found here.
  • Jessyca Hutchens and Naomi Vogt are two of the founders and driving forces behind the O A R: The Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Platform.  OAR produces an online journal for art writers and practice-based researchers and they have regular open calls for contributions throughout the year. You can have a look online here before coming to find out more on Tuesday.
  • Katy Watson will perform one of her latest live art shows titled Ff ing Brilliant. As you might have guessed from the title, the performance involves a fair amount of swearing (don’t say we didn’t warn you) but it also brings together a mix of improv, spoken word and movement.

Whether it’s out of curiosity, solidarity, anger or boredom, join us on Tuesday at 7pm at the Old Fire Station and get to meet Lucy, Jessyca, Naomi and Katy and find out what they have been conjuring up.