TUE 28 MAR // Artists who break borders, glass ceilings and light barriers


Old Fire Station – Gallery


For the first Playground of Spring we have Alissar McCreary, Hugh Pryor and Richard Duriez & Shadowlight Artists with work about displacement, unique techniques of using light for photography and award winning filmmaking.

Shadowlight Artists are an award winning group of digital artists with learning disabilities, who have worked together and exhibited work locally and nationally over the last few years. Richard Duriez from Film Oxford will join them to talk about the story behind Shadowlight Artists and show the kind of work that they have been making. More info here .

Alissar McCreary, doing a PhD at Oxford Brookes, wants you to take part in a hands-on workshop making your own unique little figurines for the interactive installation disPLACED that will be exhibited in London next year. What are you going to add to those cardboard people?

Hugh Pryor, artist, designer and photographer extraordinaire has just completed his latest photography project using cyanotypes, UV Laser, and  fluorescent cornstarch (!?) to catch the eathereal movements of artist and dancer Naomi Morris. Many have wondered about the techniques that Hugh has been using so he agreed to show us all (or some) of his secrets. Hugh’s website here and Naomi’s here.

(Photographs above are from last January’s Playground, showing Katy Watson, Lucy Jonas and Naomi Vogt in action.)