So you have something in the works? Trying to get a new project off the ground? You want to share with us something you sort of know? Looking for collaborations, someone to help you, or some feedback to your work? Or you just want to tell us a funny story of how that one project you did turned out to be a bit of a fail?


You’ve landed at the right page to find everything you need to know about how to become involved.

The idea is that slowly, month-by-month, different people will show work, organise activities, give a presentations etc. Playground is not a curated event, you just sign-up, let us know what it is that you want to do and then come here and do it. Please spend a couple of minutes to read the following information and the guidelines in the bottom of the page before you sign-up. That way everything will run quickly and smoothly and we won’t need to bother you with extra emails asking for this or that or something else.

Playground follows the same format every time. Every slot will last up to 15 minutes. We got hold of some premium quality egg-timers and they will ring when the time is up. Also there are 6 different categories, which we have chosen to call ROUNDS.

Let us introduce the 6 Playground rounds!


Talk, presentation, talking about your work, talking about/sharing something you sort of know.


Workshop, hands-on, games, activities, get your hands dirty, play together.


Looking for collaborations/feedback/assistance, message in a bottle, I’ll just put this out there and see what happens.


Work-in-progress, improvisation, rough, under development, unpolished material.


Things that went wrong, horror stories, epic fail projects, work that you’re ashamed of.


Quick-fire, that awesome idea I had while waiting for the bus, spontaneous announcements & sudden realisations.

Preempting possible questions:

So do I only have 15 minutes? or I think my thing will be more like 6-7 minutes, does it matter?

We’re asking that no round will be longer than 15 minutes. In that way we hope that (depending on the required change-over time) we can have at least 3-4 of you sharing something each time. It’s completely fine if your round is shorter than that. Please let us know how much time you’ll need in your email, so we schedule the evening’s lay-out better.

P.S. If you keep it short and sweet and under 15 minutes we’ll show our appreciation by collectively high-fiving you.

I have this great idea and it uses 3 projectors suspended in a 45 degrees angle, projecting into a big water tank which is covered with 48 different loudspeakers. I will need about 3 hours to set it up and I don’t happen to have any of this equipment but I bet you can get hold of all that for me, right?

Eh, no. As a matter of fact, we make do with whatever equipment people are kind enough to lend us. We don’t own much, really. We’ll try to get hold of things/ borrow/ ask nicely, if there’s something you need for your session, so, please let us know in advance. Just keep in mind that you might need to get hold of things/ borrow/ ask nicely, too. And before I forget it, 3 hours set-up?!!

What if I want to tackle issues that might offend people?

We couldn’t believe more in everyone’s right to say/show absolutely whatever they want, and we are aware that some great work has been born out of difficult, controversial and sometimes shocking material. HOWEVER, if what you’re planning to show at Playground is likely to contain nudity, strong language or content that some might find disturbing, please let us know in your email so we can make a brief announcement beforehand.

Is it just between me and you or will the whole world know about what I did at Playground?

We’re building an online archive of the Playground sessions. We think that’s cool because people can see what kind of things they could expect from Playground and also it helps publicise the work of everyone involved. We don’t mean to “kiss and tell” or expose anyone against their wish. So, if you DON’T want your piece to be documented or uploaded online we will completely respect your desire and turn the cameras off. Just let us know.


What we need from you:

  • make sure it doesn’t exceed 15 minutes and give us an approximate duration if possible.
  • choose which round it falls under.
  • any tech spec and change-over time
  • in case you’re about to offend anyone, let us know.

You can sign-up by emailing this information to any of the Playmasters. You can find our contact details under Who We Are.

Glad you went through the whole page already. Now we can play!

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