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Have you taken part in PLAYGROUND? Do you need help getting your work to the next level? PLAYGROUND is introducing SKYROCKET: a way to support 3 artists who have taken part in Playground to develop new work and present it to the public.

We have put together a handy Instruction Manual that will take you through the ways in which you can get your arty hands on one of our 3 Rockets!

You can download the SKYROCKET Instruction Manual by clicking on the link below

SKYROCKET Instruction Manual

In case the link above doesn’t work you can use this one or just copy and paste it to your browser address bar.

And you can fill in your Ideas Form here:

DEADLINE Thursday 16 April
NEW DEADLINE: Saturday 18 April, 5pm

TIME FRAME 2 months (May and June 2015)

PUBLIC SHOW 25-27 June 2015, as part of biennial festival Playground on Fire at the Old Fire Station, Oxford.


If you still have questions after reading the Instruction Manual, you can find some possible answers below.

What do we mean by…

  1. studio space?   A: An empty space that you are allowed to use to work/make/think/rehearse/build/create for the duration of each Rocket’s allocated studio time. We have secured 3 different spaces in Oxford: the Gallery and the Shop Window (Arts at the Old Fire Station) and Filament 14 (Magdalen Road Studios). They all have their own unique uses and qualities and each will be suitable to different type of work, and it’s only after we have everyone’s Ideas in our hands that we’ll be able to get a clear idea as to what’s the best use of each space. Please bear in mind that all spaces are located in populated buildings, and that means that other artists, staff or the public might (and probably will) be around while you work.
  2. new?   A: A piece of work that has not yet been presented to the public as a final piece. It doesn’t mean that you need to come up with a new idea right now! You might have already showed an idea or a work-in-progress version at Playground, for example, or elsewhere. It might be a piece that was born out of a previous work but you have not yet made it happen. We want to support you to take that extra step in developing your work and that’s why we wouldn’t be interested in giving a Rocket to someone who plans to simply re-produce or recreate something they have already done.
  3. documentation?   A: A professional photographer/videographer will be at Playground On Fire for a whole day to specifically document the work by the 3 Skyrocket artists. This will happen after consultation with the artists to decide on the best possible way to document each piece. As with the studio space, we want to provide each artist with the most appropriate type of documentation for the work.
  4. Public Show?   A: During Playground on Fire, 25-27 June, spread over different spaces at the Old Fire Station. Playground on Fire is a biannual festival bringing together all the artists who have taken part in Playground. Spaces, as of now, include the Gallery, the Dance Studio, the Loft and the Shop Window. We will give slot and space priority to the 3 Skyrocket artists, according to the needs and specification of each piece, and we hope for that work to inhabit the festival for its duration.



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