Playground consists of a flexible and expansive network of people, all of whom contribute in their own ways, through practical help, development of ideas, creative support etc but most of all through a shared enthusiasm and dedication. The shared vision that holds us together is to create bonds with other creative professionals in the area, an interest (and curiosity) about other artists’ work and a  strong desire to create a safe creative hub for everyone to play, try and share.

Within this wide network, that defies languages, borders and disciplines, exists the core team of Playground.

That’s who we are:

The Playmasters

Stavroula is a performance artist and theatre maker. She likes creating characters, telling stories and, generally, making stuff up. Besides performing, she also sometimes teaches and delivers workshops on Devised Theatre and Performance Making. Stavroula can wire up a plug and use a wire-stripper as effectively as she can bake a dozen cupcakes.



Tim is a composer who likes creating soundscapes and noises using either the physics of sound, his laptop, or both. He is also working as freelance audiovisual technician, and occasionally teaching and giving workshops on Electroacoustic Composition and Music Technology.



Aya is a serious and proper artist, who takes herself and her art very seriously. She is fascinated by our appreciation of art, particularly in the use of language. She has a background in clinical and phenomenological psychology and is currently completing her doctoral research in the concept of ‘nothing-ness’.





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Paul says:

    This sounds great guys! See you on Thursday.

  2. Christina says:

    Is it Thursday yet? Can’t wait to see what you are up to. Good Luck for the launch.xxx

  3. yampee says:

    Sounds like a top idea. When’s the first one in 2013? Also, can I just show up and observe for the first one or do I need to present something? More than happy to chip in with ideas if the need arises but I don’t have anything just yet to show.

    1. stav says:

      Hey, the first Playground of 2013 will be on 14th February! Will post some More Information about our upcoming event in a couple of weeks. It’d be great to see you there! Of course you can just come, sit back and enjoy the show and see how you’re feeling about it, and if there is something Later on that you want to put out there whether it’s an idea or a project you can sign-up to show it at one of our future sessions. Pop-in to say hi on the 14th Feb. x Stav.

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